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Burger Concepts

Muhammara Cheeseburger 4 x 3.jpg

Muhammara Cheeseburger 

Highlighting the popular Syrian cold mezza, Muhammara, made from Aleppo peppers, walnuts, and olive oil, with lemon juice and pomegranate molasses added for tartness to balance the rich spread. The full, rich, piquant taste of the sharp cheddar can stand up to the other bold flavors in this seasoned lamb and beef patty sandwich. The brioche bun is buttery perfection for this full-flavored cheeseburger. 

Buttered and grilled brioche bun 

Muhammara spread

Sweet pickles

Mera sharp cheddar slices 

Lamb and beef patty, seasoned with Za’atar 

Chopped lettuce and cilantro blend 

Onion-topped kaiser bun 

Garlic aioli

Grilled red onions

Mac and cheese made with MERA American cheese 

Grill-pressed beef patties 

Mera American cheese slices 

Mac-Double Cheeseburger

We take the classic double cheeseburger to a new level by adding the ultimate American comfort food. In addition to the traditional two slices of American cheese, we top the world’s most popular sandwich with mac & cheese! Grilled red onions add sweetness to the flavors in the garlic aioli and the onion kaiser roll. 

Mac-Double Cheeseburger 4 x 3.jpg
Smashed Kafta Cheeseburger 4 x 3.jpg

Smashed Kafta Cheeseburger 

By featuring well-spiced meat, raw red onions, and garlicky tzatziki, we needed a cheese with bolder flavors that could also deliver the creamy melt we were looking to deliver, pepper jack was the perfect choice. 

1-Smashed Kafta Cheeseburger.png

Soft artisan bun

Tzatziki sauce

Red onions tossed with chopped parsley and black pepper 

Tomato slices

Mera pepper jack cheese slices 

Grill-pressed beef and lamb combo patties with Lebanese 7-spice 

Sourdough roll

Garlic aioli

Deep-fried breaded pickled jalapeno rings 


Mera pepper jack slice 

Mera mild cheddar slice 

Angus beef patty

Red and green leaf lettuce 

8-San Francisco Cheeseburger.png

San Francisco Cheeseburger

From the signature sour dough roll and Pepper Jack cheese to the guacamole, jalapeños and garlic aioli, these are the flavors of the San Francisco Bay Area. We add a twist by breading and deep-frying the jalapeno peppers for added texture and aroma. 

San Francisco Cheeseburger 4 x 3.jpg
Fried Falafel Cheeseburger 4 x 3.jpg

Fried Falafel Cheeseburger

East-West fusion fun! A crispy falafel patty and a grill-pressed burger patty, each topped with the cheeseburger’s best friend – sliced American cheese! Juicy tomato, crisp, cool cucumber, and spiced tahini slaw finish the unique combo, adding flavor and texture. 

9-Fried Falafel Cheeseburger.png

Buttered and grilled ciabatta bun 

Spicy tahini slaw

Sliced tomato

Mera American cheese slices 

Thin falafal patty, fried crisp 

Grill-pressed beef patty 

Thin cucumber slices

Spiced tahini sauce

Sesame seed bun 

Ranch dressing

Mera Monterey Jack cheese slices 

Seasoned ground chicken patty 

Sliced avocado

Shredded lettuce

4-Southern California Chicken Cheeseburger.png

Diced scallions

Southern California Chicken Cheeseburger 

Throwback to the roots of California foods, the state which introduced America to avocados, ranch dressing, and Monterey jack cheese! The supporting cast are also from the Golden State and were chosen to highlight these three classic California ingredients. 

Southern California Chicken Cheeseburger 4 x 3.jpg
East Coast Patty Melt 4 x 3.jpg

East Coast Patty Melt 

An upscaled version of the standard patty melt by using angus beef plus peppered beef bacon. The flavorful and quick-melting Monterey Jack slices work perfectly with creamed horseradish to give this sandwich an extra creamy filling, balanced by the crispy texture of the grilled rustic white bread. The grilled onions add umami and a touch of sweetness. 

12-East Coast Patty Melt.png

Buttered and grilled thick-sliced rustic white bread 

Mera mild cheddar slice 

Creamed horseradish 

Peppered beef bacon 

Angus beef patty

Grilled onions

Mera mild cheddar slice

Onion-topped kaiser bun 

Western BBQ sauce

Deep-fried breaded onion strips 

Mera American cheese slices

Beef patty

Dill pickle slices

2-Cowboy Cheeseburger.png

Cowboy Cheeseburger

A nod to the traditional BBQ favorite, with a few onion twists – onion strips, instead of rings, making them crisper – and an onion Kaiser roll. A classic burger calls for a classic cheese, American cheese slices are THE classic cheeseburger topper! 

Cowboy Cheeseburger 4 x 3.jpg
Wagyu Beef Deluxe Mushroom Burger 4 x 3.jpg

Wagyu Beef Deluxe Mushroom Cheeseburger 

Every once in a while, you just want the ultimate umami experience in a cheeseburger. This is it. Natural glutamates in the mushrooms accentuate the flavor of every other ingredient, particularly the meat and cheese! Sharp cheddar, with its meaty flavor and piquant finish, is the ideal cheese for this experience. The pickled onions add an acidic counterpoint to all this palette-coating richness. 

5-Wagyu Beef Deluxe Mushroom Cheeseburger.png

Buttered and grilled brioche bun 

Roasted mushroom duxelles

Thinly sliced red onions cold pickled overnight 

Mera sharp cheddar slices 

Wagyu beef patty

Arugula lettuce

Ciabatta roll

Tomato paste

Shaved onions tossed with chopped fresh basil and oregano 

Turkey pepperoni slices 

Mera Monterey Jack cheese slices 

Grill-pressed beef patties 

3-Double Pizza Cheeseburger.png

Double Pizza Cheeseburger 

Looks like a cheeseburger – tastes like a pizza! By using the ciabatta bun, it has a softer bite and chew, like a Roma pizza, while the tomato paste with herbs speaks strongly of Italy. Creamy, melty, Monterey jack cheese completes the illusion. 

Double Pizza Cheeseburger 4 x 3.jpg
Nashville Hot Chicken Cheeseburger 4 x 3.jpg

Nashville Hot Chicken Cheeseburger

Our patty-based version of the American regional favorite, Nashville Hot Fried Chicken. The tender potato bun is similar to the traditional dinner roll while the dredged pan-fried patty tossed in Nashville-style hot sauce is a perfect platform for melted American cheese slices topped with tangy dill pickle slices and creamy aioli. The crunchy lettuce adds texture and cools the heat. 

6-Nashville Hot Chicken Cheeseburger.png

White potato bun

Garlic scallion aioli

Dill pickle slices

Mera American cheddar slices 

Ground Chicken patty dredged in seasoned corn meal, pan fried, and tossed in Nashville-style hot sauce 

Iceberg lettuce leaf 

Grilled and buttered sesame bun 

Ketchup and mayonnaise 

Mera colby jack slice 

Grill-pressed beef patty 

Double butter pat 

Mera mild cheddar slice

Grill-pressed beef patties 

Dill pickle slices

Shredded lettuce

Yellow mustard

11-Wisconsin Double-Butter Cheeseburger.png

Wisconsin Double-Butter Cheeseburger 

A buttered bun and two butter pats between the patties give this classic cheeseburger a richer, deeper taste, and the colby jack on the top patty gives extra melt and a distinctive look, while the mild cheddar delivers even more of the pure cheddar flavor. The dill pickles and yellow mustard add a hit of tart vinegar to balance the uber richness of this cheeseburger. 

Wisconsin Double-Butter Cheeseburger 4 x 3.jpg
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