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Mera offers top quality dairy products made with foodservice professionals in mind


100% real dairy ingredients are traditionally cultured to deliver a great tasting, consistently smooth cream cheese. Suitable for usage in a wide range of hot and cold culinary applications with authentic, well-known, and trusted quality.


100% real dairy ingredients create a smooth and creamy flavor which is an ideal addition to a range of culinary applications. Easy packaging for storage and usage to provide a rich and creamy element to any dish.


MERA American Cheese Loaf has a clean, mild cheese flavor, and medium-firm body. It does not break easily or stick to cutting equipment making it ideal for deli and foodservice applications.


MERA American Cheese Slices are made using high quality cheese and designed for easy foodservice incorporation into a range of dishes. The range of available slice options makes them ideal for hot and cold applications.


MERA Shredded Mozzarella Cheese is conveniently packaged in a vacuum seal bag to allow easy storage and freezing. The complete melt and consistent browning improves the flavor and look of hot applications and offers a clean cheese flavor profile.


With a clean, distinctive and balanced cheddar flavor MERA Shredded Cheddar is ideal to include in both hot and cold applications. The vacuum sealed bag is easy to store and handle to allow use in a range of foodservice applications.


A versatile foodservice staple with many applications in any kitchen. MERA UHT Culinary Cream is easy to store with an extended shelf life to ensure no product wastage.


A baking necessity with applications in many culinary areas. MERA UHT Whipping Cream is easy to store with an extended shelf life to ensure no product wastage.

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